Children & Adolescents

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Academic Issues

Do you wonder why your child struggles so much with school sometimes? What is at the root cause of declining grades, or why do you keep getting calls concerning your child? We can help you with guidance to ask questions with teachers and school administration, as well as how to advocate for your child and help them be more successful.


Do you ever wonder if your child may have trouble with attention issues or whether they are just active children? We are able to process through those questions and discuss possible symptoms to allow you to make the most informed decisions for your children. If you find that you may be interested in a screener to verify symptoms of ADHD, we can provide those tools and offer scoring for further review by your physician.

Behavior Issues

Do your children's actions develop into patterns or habits that are hard to understand? Are you not sure how, or from where such tendencies may have originated? We are here to help, and we have counselors with years of experience involving children and various behavior issues.


Life brings us many transitions in life which may include: relocating, relationship changes, divorce, or a new baby in the family. These are all major life changes that can cause difficulties not only for adults, but for children as well. We offer play therapy for younger children and counseling for children/teens to assist them in how to navigate these changes.

Foster Children/CANS Testing

We have counselors with years of experience to help foster children during their transitions to a new family. We can help address trauma, and support them in their journey to a forever family. We also have trained counselors that are able to offer State mandated CANS testing in a timely manner.

(512) 966-5405