Individual Counseling

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Feeling your heart rate pick up, seem to have foggy thinking, sweaty palms, or sense of fear? The more you think about it the worse it becomes? Our counselors offer various approaches to help you overcome those situations and face them with a new perspective.


Changes in appetite, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, lack of interest in activities that are usually fun for you, withdrawal, and negative thinking are just some of the symptoms suffered by those with depression. Let us help you work through these lower times and share tools to help you reach your potential.

Relationship Issues

Have you ever taken time to think about how many relationships we have in life? Do you struggle to connect with others or yearn to strengthen current relationships in your life? See how refreshing it can be to speak with a trained counselor that can offer honest feedback and guidance on how to address many issues that frequently pop up in relationships!

Anger Management

Find that you become irritated and frustrated in no time at all, or for reasons that don't fit the situation? Our counselors can help you identify triggers, become more self aware, and help you manage your reactions for a more successful outcome for you and those you interact with.

Grief & Loss

Often life deals us some very untimely, unexpected losses that we are just not prepared for. It could be a loss of life, loss of good health, loss of a relationship, or loss of a job that changes your circumstances considerably. We are prepared to help you through those trying times that are most difficult and help you see them as building blocks to help you gain greater strength.

(512) 966-5405