Marriage & Family

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Couples Counseling

Some couples find they have been married for several years and one day they realize things don't seem as great as they used to. Someone made poor choices, the spark is gone, or you feel like maybe you have fallen out of love. Sound familiar?

This happens to many couples and there are ways to rekindle, build trust, and strengthen your relationship. The key is to reconnect! We can help you take a deeper look and offer suggestions for positive changes. The change is up to you. You are in charge, and you can be the key component in leading your marriage back to success.


How do those cute little kids become so hard to raise? Did they really just do that? Why did they say that? What were they thinking? Although you may feel alone, all parents face difficulty and ask themselves similar questions.

Come in to get some of those answers, receive encouragement, suggestions, and pointers on how to get everyone back on the path to family success.

Family Counseling

Often we see a picture perfect family and wonder,"Why doesn't our family function like that?" It is important to realize that life is constantly changing and each family member experiences new transitions and experiences that can offset the balance.

Family counseling is a wonderful tool to enable families to talk through issues and gain better understanding of each other. Learn how you can be be there for each other and offer support within your family!

Divorce Recovery

Divorce is a transition so full of emotion, heartache, and adjustment. It is important to ensure you have the mental health and emotional support you need to help you through this very trying time.

We are able to be that listening ear and allow you time to process such a big adjustment at your own pace. With our guidance you can prepare to confidently move forward to a new chapter in your life.

(512) 966-5405